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Comprehensive And Intuitive Performance Appraisal Evaluation Saas Software
  • Do you want performance appraisals done on time?
  • Do you want to implement employee appraisal system within a week not months at a price that is affordable for any budget?
Write an Effective Employee Performance Appraisal in minutes using our Comprehensive and Intuitive web-based solutions for Employee Performance Appraisals. Perfode features a unique appraisal writer that will write employee appraisal as you rate the employees using it"s performance indicators defined for each competency. You can build your own appraisal forms, customize the forms starting with one of Perfode"s forms with rich set of Competencies to choose from.

Perfode makes writing employee performance appraisals a breeze. Created with the busy professional in mind, its built-in intelligence steps the writer through a simple ranking process which measures the employee’s competency in key areas then writes the appraisal, giving the writer the ability to edit and customize the appraisal as they see fit.

Employee Performance Appraisal Software - Business Edition is designed for organizations with more than one person writing reviews. This gives all employee appraisal writers the ability to write as many employee appraisals as they would like while giving the organization a centralized view of the employee appraisal process. Objective management and performance notes help in creating a year round process. Business edition subscription starts with $500.

Please visit for a video demo on automating and managing employee performance appraisals in your organization, along with other resources and more information about employee performance appraisals. Contact us to talk about your automating employee appraisal process.

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